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Discount 5% for members of our groups!

Discount 5%
for members of our groups!

Visa support

Dear Guests!


For getting Russian visa you must provide a special document to the Russian consulate – Invitation (visa support letter).

Visa Support Letter consists of two parts (This is all you need for the consulate!):

  1. Letter of confirmation from the travel agency which has the permission from the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Russia to invite foreign tourists (which has valid reference number). This part of visa support letter is written in Russian.
  2. Reservation voucher from the hostel (written in English). In the voucher it is written that all services and accommodation are fully paid. This is just standard sentence, because this is the demand of the consulate.

We provide visa support letter (invitation) for getting Russian visa.

Visa support letter for getting Russian Tourist single-entry visa for 30 days costs RUR 1200.
After your prepayment we make visa support letter and send it by e-mail to you.
This is the document you should take to the Russian consulate when you apply for Russian visa.
We can also make invitation for business visas.

We provide the following types of Visa support letter (Invitation) for getting Russia visa:


Kind of Russian visa Period of visa validity Price, RUR
Tourist single entry 30 days 1200
Business double entry 1 month 1500
Business double entry 3 months 3000
Business multi entry 3 months 3500
Business multi entry 6 months 4000
Business multi entry 12 months 5800


For making visa support letter, please, send e-mail to this address: