Today: 27 May 2024
Time in Saint-Petersburg:   17:35
Address: 11, Yakovlevskiy lane,
4th floor, St. Petersburg,
196105, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 327 10 70

Phone: +7 (981) 719 28 28
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Discount 5% for members of our groups!

Discount 5%
for members of our groups!

Dear guests! From October, 1, 2019 you can get electronic visa to visit Russia, Saint-Petersburg.
Nationals of 53 foreign States may be granted an e-visa to enter Russia for 8 days.
E-visa is free of charge .
You can get it easily. All information is here:

Some helpful information for traveller to Russia:

  • There are a lot of mosquitos in Russia in summer
  • US$ and also EURO are the best currencies to have in Russia
  • Traveler's cheques are accepted at some banks & exchange offices but for a high percent
  • Saint-Petersburg is a safe city if you treat it like any other megapolis
  • Keep a photocopy of your passport & Russian visa apart from the original.
  • We strongly recommend to keep all your valuables in the safe at Reception!
  • Declare all your money & valuables.  If you don't do that the customs authorities will not let you leave the country with them.  Don't loose your declaration form. Don't declare more money when leaving the country than when you entered.


List of Goods that can be imported into Russia (in a limited amount) without paying customs fees:

Goods Amount (per person)
Alcoholic beverages 5 liters
Tobacco 1000 pieces
Petrol 20 liters for each car going itself excluding the fuel in petrol tanks of the cars
Jewelry & its parts made of precious metals or other metals covered with precious ones, jewelry made of natural or not natural pearls, precious or half-precious stones (natural or not) 5 objects


Approximate list of goods that can be imported / exported into / from Russia without paying customs fees:

  • Clothes.
  • Things for self-hygiene.
  • One's own jewelry.
  • Photo & video cameras with a reasonable quantity of films & necessary things for them.
  • Video cameras & portable video cassette recorders with a reasonable quantity of films.
  • Portable musical instruments.
  • Portable record players with records.
  • Portable audio recording & reproducing equipment (including dictaphones) with films.
  • Portable radio sets.
  • Portable TV sets.
  • Portable typewriters.
  • Portable calculators.
  • Laptop computers.
  • Binoculars.
  • Baby carts.
  • Wheelchairs.
  • Sport equipment like tents & other tourists' equipment, equipment for fishing, mountaineering & SQUBA diving, sport guns with necessary things for them, bicycles, sport boats up to 5.5 meters length, skis, tennis-rackets, surfing boards, equipment for golf, hang-gliders.
  • Portable medical instruments & materials for them.
  • Other goods that are obviously for self-use.